Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Hey guys, this week I created a Storify about Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse, I hope you all enjoy it because I enjoyed creating it. I would also like to tell you that the link to my Storify is embedded in the title of this blog, so just click on the title and you should arrive in to the right place.

To begin my Storify I started out with a word commonly associated with the youth today which translates to being extremely intoxicated from the use of alcohol or drugs. This word is “wasted” It was defined by Urban Dictionary, a popular website for translating and giving the meanings or translation of many slang words. I chose to start my Storify this way because this word was often used very often during my high school and university years.

Next is an anti-binge drinking ad which I believe is from Australia. The ad’s message is directed towards underage drinkers. In the ad it shows what a typically high school party would consist of, the main character is a girl in a pink blouse. Throughout the ad it gives two scenarios of how the night could go, one version of where it goes awful and the other where she drinks, or rather doesn’t drink at all and still manages to have fun. I chose this anti binge drinking ad, because I can also relate to it as well. Being too many high school and university parties many people thought you had to get super drunk to enjoy the night, this ad is trying to tell people this is not the case. Unfortunately for many people they must learn from their mistakes (over drinking). This ad relates well to many people, on a personal note I did not find the ad to be an over exaggeration but rather a very realistic scenario for a wide scope of people.

Following the anti-drinking ad I have posted 2 tweets. The first is a tweet from LPWCYC, which posts a link to help prevent your teen from wandering into drug use. The link provides useful strategies and prevention techniques. The second tweet is from 10 to 20 Parenting, a twitter account dedicated to the age range of children 10-20. They provide a link for useful strategies and techniques from preventing and educating yourself on teen drug use and abuse.

At this point I felt it was time in my Storify to post something which can give you a glimpse to what drugs can do to your life so I posted a Facebook comment of a man who goes by the name El Flaco Robles. In his statement he claims he is done with cocaine and begins to list all the reasons why, along with this he begins to give a description of how addictive the drug can be. Under this man’s description is a Twitter photo of what appears to be cocaine arranged on a mirror spelling “Miss You So Much” I found this photo to pair well with El Flaco Roble’s comment.

To finish up the information/facts of my Storify I provide a statistic tweet from the Newport Academy which states “By 12th grade, more than 7 out of 10 teens have consumed alcohol”. This statistic is shocking and that’s why I chose it, for shock value. Shock value is also why I chose to post a Facebook comment from a woman who describes how drug use does not only affect the user but everyone who can be connected to them. This includes family, friends, and generally anyone who has a stake in the person’s life. Often many users do not think about who they affect with their actions.

Lastly I finish the Storify with a gif taken from That 70’s Show; with a quote underneath saying don’t do drugs do crafts. Following the gif is another gif from Modern Family where one of the main characters is giving the thumbs up.

When I made my Storify account I searched my topic and as well similar topics. I did not find much, so I decided to create a Storify which would appeal to a wide range of people, whether you are a mother or father, teen, user or non-user. I wanted this Storify to be able to relate partially to everyone due to lack of Storify’s on this topic.




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Citizen Journalism blog comment response

“Journalism used to be about verifiable facts and we only received our news in paper format or through television broadcasts.” (cromero2013) I still believe that journalism relies on verifiable facts (good journalism that is). Although time and time again we are fed news witch is twisted or completely untrue. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion which leaves plenty of room for bias. I have found the best citizen journalism to stay free from as much bias as possible and attempt to give us the raw facts.

However with technology taking over I think even these newspapers and TV stations are aware of the changing times with social media becoming more and more important. It will be interesting to see how citizen journalists and the trained professionals compete in reporting the news in the years to come even if the majority of us would prefer to be a reader rather than the journalist.” (colecrerar90) when you stated it will be interesting to see how citizen journalists and the trained professionals compete in reporting the news in years to come. Well there is no competition, people will always turn on their TV and listen to the news, and in any circumstance I believe a news station is to be a more reputable source of news as opposed to a citizen journalist. I believe we will see some of our most favourite and popular citizen journalists in the news in the future. I can see many news stations using social media sites such as YouTube as some sort of resume/audition for future potential job opportunities.

My pet peeve about citizen journalism is the people who take advantage of the technology but write something which holds no weight or truth about it, nzaduban  stated this which I completely agree with “ I am sure you understand how annoying it is when some girls tweet about sports when we all know they don’t actually watch it.”

Hey guys I really enjoyed your feedback this week, it was great reading your responses. I look forward to next week’s blog.

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Citizen Journalism

Social networking sites are everywhere; it seems to me there’s an information web-based platform that allows for the sharing of any type of media possible. I check the news twice a day, once in the morning before work once before I go to bed. I would say two times is above or at average for checking the news on a daily basis, the fact is, any breaking news article is on my Facebook or twitter home feed.  The facts arte anyone can report anything these days and give their opinion. With that said… Thank God Facebook has a block option where you can block any news updates from certain people. I rarely post anything on my Facebook wall let alone share my opinion on the website. Some people have taken advantage of the large scope of people a post they make can reach. I am sure many of you have this same issue with people whose opinion you do not agree with or just flat out find them annoying. When Jonah Seiger, co founder of Mindshare Internet Campaigns, spoke of his disillusionment: “The evolution of the Internet and politics is going to happen a lot more slowly than people expect” he was clearly mistaken because come around anytime of political election, the amount of opinions I get to see is unbelievable.

“Through the discipline of verification, the journalist establishes jurisdiction over the ability to objectively parse reality to claim a special kind of authority and status. Social media question the individualistic, top-down ideology of traditional journalism.” (Alfred Hermida) I find this statement very accurate when it comes to YouTube channels. I have several people who I subscribe to that through “ a special kind of authority and status” have gained the respect from the public and in reward are granted with users “subscriptions to their channel.

The emergence of these new opportunities does not encourage me to participate more directly in citizen journalism and/or social activism simply because I like to keep my opinions to myself. Although the technology is there, there are enough people out there already participating in citizen journalism. More people that enjoy it and more people that are better at it or simply better informed. I am not one to consider myself a journalist although this course has allowed me to try my attempts with blogging and such, I can confirm my previous thoughts by saying I prefer to be a reader of citizen journalism rather than the journalist.


Jenkins, H. & D. Thorburn. Introduction: The Digital Revolution, the Informed Citizen, and the Culture of Democracy. in Jenkins, H. & D. Thorburn eds. (2003). Democracy and New Media. Cambridge MA: MIT Press. p1-17.


Hermida, A. (2012). TWEETS AND TRUTH: Journalism as a discipline of collaborative verificationJournalism Practice. 6:5-6, p659-668.

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Paste a Video URL

This is a brief discussion of Teens and Substance Abuse article on http://health.howstuffworks.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/teenage-health/teens-and-substance-abuse.htm I chose this article because it touched on alot of key point and issues that surround youth drug and alcohol abuse. I hope you can take away some key points from this discussion like i did. ps sry for the fuzzy sound… i have a bad mic on my comp.

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Music Piracy blog response

     Well it would appear that the majority, if not all of you agree with me as elisetakahashi  referenced my blog with her own comments stated. “I want to start off by giving you a little clap for your statement, “My practices conflict with copyright legislation, but I’m going to let you in on a secret, I DON’T CARE! I enjoy being able to listen to tons of artists and not have to pay a fee from having to do so.” Amen.” This comes as no surprise as he vast majority of people who our under 30 years of age and somewhat technologically savvy will download music for free.

     The facts are people love their money and to part ways with money is a sad event that occurs to all of us on a day-to-day basis. So when we are able to prevent this sad event from occurring, and therefore saving our money is possible we will do so.  melaniemunroe reinforces this point when she stated People are so accustom to downloading music online for free that I do not think they will ever be willing to pay for it again.”

     There are other reasons why people pirate music. One reason is to test new artists, I stated earlier that I will often test a new artist’s music by downloading one or two songs before I decide to download more or rather delete him/her off my playlist. Downloading music has allowed us to listen to many new artists, of which are emerging, from different countries, etc.  I believe pirating music has improved the channels of success for new and upcoming artists. nzaduban stated “The Internet provides a place to find new music, promote new artists and discover talent that we never would have found without the Internet sharing this free music.’ And I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

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Music Piracy

Like many of you or all of you who will read this blog will know I am an avid music listener, and have been from the first CD I ever bought (Backstreet Boys). Music is a form of art which no matter what language, culture, sex, or age you are, we can all relate to. Music is and will always be in demand as long as it has a following. This demand combined with everyone’s love for music and hate for losing money has led to the file sharing channels and networks we use today. “P2P networking and IRC-based communities, and this produced a new set of cultural practices centred upon the fusion of file transfers and popular music.” (Dale A. Bradley)

The criteria and/or rationalizations that I utilize when I purchase music as opposed to sharing it, is simply I don’t rationalize it at all. In fact I don’t even give it a thought, the last piece of music I bought must have been years ago. This is due to the fact that once Napster made it possible for P2P file sharing, it made it impossible for me to reach into my wallet and cough up the 20 dollars for a CD at the time. My  practices conflict with copyright legislation, but I’m going to let you in on a secret , I DON’T CARE! I enjoy being able to listen to tons of artists and not have to pay a fee from having to do so.

As we all know copyright legislation in the recorded music industry and the practices of consumers appear to be going in opposite directions in an untenable way. Given my own experience my suggestions for the recording industry with regard to how they might deal with what they perceive to be piracy is to let it happen. Music piracy will go on until the end of time, but for 90 percent of the artists out there the only reason they are being listened to is because of music piracy. Music piracy allows me to listen to various artists of which I would have never got the chance to if I would not be able to do so for free. Yes Music piracy may be doing some harm to the industry, but for the majority of the industry I am going to suggest it has benefited many music artists currently. “In 2003, the US recording industry, hoping to change what some view as a ‘culture of piracy’, initiated lawsuits against its own consumers” (Ian Condry) In my opinion the music industry is shooting itself in the foot, every day we get reminded in the media of the rich and fabulous lives of many musicians, key words rich and fabulous. To come and attack their supporters to me is outrageous, and I believe it just leads to a negative image on the music industry.

Condry, Ian. (2004). Cultures of Music Piracy: An Ethnographic Comparison of the US and Japan. International Journal of Cultural Studies. 7 (3), pg. 343-363

Bradley, D. (Mar. 2006) “Scenes of Transmission: Youth Culture, MP3 File Sharing, and Transferable Strategies of Cultural Practice,” M/C Journal, 9(1). Retrieved 21 Jun. 2013 from <http://journal.media-culture.org.au/0603/05-bradley.php&gt;.


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Youth Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Here is a little video I produced talking about the issues surrounding this topic, with a little slideshow to boot! Hope you enjoy!

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